Sombor and Subotica

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Join us on a journey through the beauties of northern Vojvodina! 

DAY 1: Departure Brežice - Osijek - Bezdan (SRB) - Sombor - Subotica
We set off at 4 am from Brežice. Than a night drive across Croatia, past Osijek and the Batina border, where we will be able to see a memorial complex dedicated to one of the largest battles in the former Yugoslavia during World War II. - Battles at Batina. The path takes us further to the nearby town of Bezdan, where we will get acquainted with the traditional craft of weaving silk damask, which dates back to 1871. We will witness the manual skills of 23 weavers who still weave many silk damask products by hand. 

We continue our drive towards the "village on the 7th Danube" Bačka Monoštor, where we are greeted by the hosts of this old ducal village, whose beginnings date back to 1250. The place is known for many traditional crafts and multinational and multicultural population structure. The rich nature that surrounds it, is home to many animal and plant species and falls under the special UNESCO protection - Special Reserve of the Upper Danube. We will listen to the stories from the locals, than we will visit a typical ethno house and try local delicacies.

The path takes us further to the green town of Sombor, known for the "bođoš" tree, which was brought from the Mississippi Valley in 1903. We first refresh ourselves with a traditional lunch in an "ethno" restaurant known for its traditional Serbian cuisine. Afterwards we will walk through the streets of Sombor, where we will get to know the local culture and its rich history. We will also have some free time for independent tours. 

We will end the day in the city of Subotica, followed by accommodation and dinner at the hotel ****. After dinner, you will be able to enjoy an evening out in the city. 

DAY 2: Subotica - Palić - Osijek - Brežice

After breakfast, we will walk through the city and get acquainted with the Art Nouveau architecture, many squares, a synagogue and the pulse of the city life with a special European charm, known for good food and quality wines. Then we will continue to the nearby town of Palić, which consists of luxurious parks, unusual buildings from the early 20th century, luxury villas and hotels and of course the salt lake Palić, after which the place is named and whose origins are surrounded by many legends. We will have some free time for a walk and independent tours. Then we will head to the exclusive wine cellar, which bears the name of the famous Subotica singer Zvonko Bogdan. The wine cellar combines the tradition and specificity of the Palić wine-growing area with the most modern French wine production technology. They representatives will take us across their wine cellar and to the vineyards. Afterwards we will taste their excellent wines.

We will end our trip at the local "farm", where we will be welcomed by the hosts. They will serve us with excellent local delicacies. Afterwards we will drive towards Brežice, where we will return in the late evening.

Program duration: 2 days.

Departure points: Brežice
Price per person:
  • 125.00 EUR
Minimum number of persons: 40

Registration and payment: on the basis of the application and the submitted estimate or until the vacancies on the bank account no. SI 56 0237 3006 7403 969.

transport, welcome, road and other fees, parking fees, 1 x lunch on the way, guided tour of the Damascus weaving mill, guided tour and meeting with locals in Bački Monošter with tasting, 1 x lunch in ethno restaurant (soup, main course with side dish, salad dessert), guided tour of Sombor, Subotica and Palić, 1x bed and breakfast in hotel ****, 1 x dinner, guided tour of Zvonko Bogdan wine cellar with tasting of 3 wine samples, 1 x lunch with a guided tour of the farm, the costs of guiding and organizing the trip, basic accident insurance, VAT.

ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS: drinks at meals, cancellation insurance (4.20% of the value of the arrangement), single room 7.00 euros, live music at dinner.

We reserve the right to change the program!
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